The iconic FAB28 fridge has been used on many occasions as a canvas for creativity however none quite like this one. In April 2016 Smeg and Dolce and Gabbana will reveal a collection of limited edition fridges during the Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2016.

Both Smeg and Dolce and Gabbana are design champions in their respective creative sectors and are united by a deep-rooted passion for Italy. Sharing a unified respect for tradition the duo has found inspiration for this project in the Sicilian folk iconography synonymous with Sicilian cart art and poetic marionette theatre.

The illustrations found on these artistic relics are well known across the world and typical of Sicily. The paintings have their own precise style and are often two-dimensional with very bright colours, and little shading or nuance. The style has become a symbolic part of folklore and now immortalises an endangered set of customs and traditions that would otherwise be lost with modern transportation and tastes.

Keen to preserve this, Dolce and Gabbana commissioned fine artists, to hand paint the latest range of limited edition Smeg fridges. Artists include Salvatore Sapienza, mother/daughter team Adriana Zambonelli and Tiziana Nicosia, all working under the creative direction of designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana.

From this came many different designs, all of which exude Italian style, design and heritage. The combination of such detailed illustration with the bold and retro curves of the 50s style fridge is hugely complimentary. Each enhances the other without fighting for attention. Each refrigerator features quintessential scenes of Italy and its history. These include the trinacria symbol, cart wheels, medieval knights and battle scenes. The themes developed for each product are embellished with classic floral motifs.

The 'Mondrian' Smeg fridge was one of the first iconic fridge designs

“These are really the perfect collector’s pieces,” says Gabbana, talking to Vogue Magazine. “And even though our companies are in different sectors, there are still similarities, like a passion for creativity and innovation, attention to quality and details, and, of course, a love of Italy and Italian-made products.”

Some years ago the 'Mondrian' Smeg fridge was one of the first iconic fridge designs.