‘The Primary Focal Point?’ is a development from another work of mine called Dutch Masters, which is in itself a development from a Larry Rivers work called Dutch Masters Cigar Box. Rivers’ made a series of paintings based on a box of cigars called Dutch Masters. The original starting point for all of these developments Is a painting by Rembrandt called The Syndics of Cloth-makers (see above). 











‘The Primary Focal Point?’ (also called The Brief Encounter) is very much Art About Art. In my original Dutch Masters artwork I changed all the heads of all the ‘cloth makers’ for those of my favourite Dutch artists: Van Gogh, Mondriaan, Frans Hals, Vermeer, Jan Steen and Rembrandt. In The Primary Focal Point? Van Gogh and Frans Hals meet in an impossible encounter, only possible via time travel.

The still life in the foreground of ‘...Focal Point?’ was sourced from several Dutch 17th Century still life paintings - an imaginary meal for the time travelling artists.

The red areas were arrived at by eliminating significant areas of the sourced elements. They pose a question about how much can be taken away from an image before it loses a readable identity. These red areas and the coloured dots in the top rhs of the composition are used as signalling devices - the composition is made modern by them. In ‘reading’ a representational artwork we are usually given pointers and clues as to where to look and what the image is about. In my work I have posed a question through its title... in doing so, where should the viewer look and what do they see? For me the work opens multiple doors to numerous connections - in this case, to primarily art historical connections. 


The Primary Focal Point

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