Pictured left to right in ‘The History Boys’ are Lord Nelson, Napoleon and the Duke of Wellington - a Neo Pop Art work with an alternative title: ‘Check Mate’... Napoleon trapped between his victors. All three fade in the memory, hence the deleted areas of their portraits, they are in fact appropriately dressed ‘history boys’.


Why the rhinoceros? He looks compositionally right... near extinction, another possible ‘history boy’. The rhino hints at dinosaurs... a kind of pre history. 


The red hoops act as a high-note middle ground and give the work depth. They tie the elements of the picture together via their overlapping inferred linkage and present the rhinoceros front and centre – a passive, fixed and anchoring element.


A Neo Pop Art work with a sense of humour and provocation to think about historic   events and the characters associated with them.


I remember my primary school teachers reading stories to the class at the end of each day. These stories were often the abbreviated adventures of historic super heroes like those pictured in The History Boys. When at home, I would often make drawings of these characters wth Napoleon on horseback a particular favourite.

The History Boys

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