My ‘Allegory of Faith’ consists of Vermeer’s ‘Allegory of Faith’ (painted in Holland in the 17th Century)... the picture seen behind the single female figure in the original composition has been completely replaced by a combination of images:


Van Eyck’s – The Arnolfini Marriage... pictured here with an easel positioned in front of the couple – as per a work by Richard Hamilton (a UK Pop Artist) – on the easel is an image I made of an unfinished painting called Culture Show, based on the cover of an early Roxy Music album cover called Country Life, in which 2 young women appear in their underwear... I have added a (Christian) Nun’s Habit and a (Muslim) Burke Hood to their heads.


The completed work is full of signs and symbols related ‘Faith’. References are made to different religions, marriage, history and culture both past and contemporary – it is Art About Art or Art About Culture.

The Allegory of Faith

SKU: GC002
  • One of a kind artwork

    Print on canvas... embellished with areas of hand-painted acrylic

    Sold Unframed

    64 x 46 cms - the pictured vintage frame is 2D and part of the artwork


    Signed and dated on the back

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