Life and Times - Acrylic on canvas by Gavin Meynell

SKU: 1015
  • Acrylic on box canvas with sides painted. Ready to hang.

    100cm x 50cm

    After a recent visit to Cornwall I've been inspired to develop the colour in my work. Anyone who is interested in art and been to Cornwall will know how prolific art is there. 

    It was one of the most important places in the world in the 50s and 60s for the development of British Modern Art. Forget London and Paris, everywhere you go in Cornwall you will see art and meet artists! The work of Patrick Heron and Terry Frost in particular have been an influence on me. The work that went on in Cornwall in the 50s and 60s led to an explosion of abstract art in the UK that really put British artists in the spotlight. John Hoyland and Albert Irvin are two in particular from this period that interest me.

    Colour composition is very important in my work but also texture. My work is painting but tactile in nature, like sculpture, that is hard to capture in a photograph. 

    True abstract paintings are not just meaningless random marks of paint. They are "abstracted" from something. There should always be a derivative. My works can be inspired from many things. Maybe an aerial view, a close up, a strange angle or simply a feeling or emotion.  Non figurative abstract art does not have to represent anything other than itself. I think of it in the way that music is a piece of art.  A composition of music can be inspired by something and not sound like it.  An abstract painting can be inspired by something and not look like it. 

    This piece is painted on canvas using a layering of colours technique. I have used acrylic paints mixed with various mediums and it's finished with a final coat of acrylic varnish.

    My work is created using professional artists materials.  

    Thank you for supporting original art.

    Born in London in 1971. From as early as I can remember I have been painting and drawing. Art was a subject I consistently excelled in at school which was furthered by studying Fine Art at London Guildhall University in the early 1990's. I loved studying art while living in London and having access to galleries containing  work from the worlds greatest art. London's vibrancy was an excellent backdrop for studying art with as much energy and inspiration as any artist could need. My works have followed a few styles including impressionist and abstract. This auction site focuses on my abstract paintings.

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