‘Hypnagogia’ is the halfway transitional state between wakefulness and sleep: a phase that can include lucid thought, lucid dreaming and hallucinations. Frequent personal hypnagogic experiences are an imagined trip, stumble or missed step from a curb edge... experiences that cause a physical jolt and an abrupt awakening.


The ‘Hypnagogia’ artwork pictures a crumbling ancient architectural scene revealed by a withdrawn red curtain and occupied by invented colourful sculptures. The device of overlaying the image with semi transparent coloured spots is used to allude to a dreamlike experience of an imagined and emerging memory of an ancient place full of artefacts, myths and legends.


SKU: GS0018
  • One of a kind artwork

    Print on canvas... embellished with areas of hand-painted acrylic

    Sold Unframed

    76 x 59 cms


    Signed and dated on the back

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