Before I was of school age I can remember seeing horses in westerns on black and white TV in the very early 1960s - I thought horses were very special. I even had a secret invisible pinto horse that I kept behind the settee.


Horses often appear in my work as symbols of beauty, pride, freedom, magic deities, on occasions, representative of apocalyptic war horses.


In Greek mythology the horse God, Pegasus, is a winged divine stallion usually depicted as pure white in colour.


The symbolism of Pegasus varies... the winged horse has, over time, represented wisdom, fame and poetry. Pegasus is frequently found illustrated on ancient Greek pottery and paintings and Renaissance sculptures.

Golden Pegasus

SKU: GS0012


    Gordon Coldwell

    One of a kind artwork

    Print on canvas... embellished with areas of thickly applied hand-painted acrylic

    Sold Unframed

    76 x 76 cms


    Signed and dated on the back

    Normally ships within 10 working days. Free Shipping

    EXCLUSIVE to The Apple Gallery

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