‘Frozen Distraction’... pictures a virtual room occupied by surreal bird headed characters. At the rear of the composition is an image of a contemporary office space overlooking a modern cityscape. The office space is occupied by a troupe of multi coloured circus characters... an artwork work of mine called ‘The Audition’. A black Panther enters stage left and everything freezes.


The image can be read in a number of ways. For me, it is reminiscent of the real experience of when I was a marketing business owner and the experience of attending many business breakfast networking events. Typically, all of the participants were charged with enthusiasm, speaking very quickly and earnestly (a lot like ‘speed dating’ I guess), ‘selling’ the benefits of their services or products to whoever would listen or was ‘trapped’. When a new business representative entered the ‘arena’, heads would immediately turn their attention to the new arrival – the black Panther – the room fozen.

Frozen Distraction

SKU: GS0016
  • Gordon Coldwell

    One of a kind artwork

    Print on canvas... embellished with areas of hand-painted acrylic

    Sold Unframed

    76 x 49.5 cms


    Signed and dated on the back

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