‘Dream Dancer’ presents a prancing horse (originally George Stubbs’ Whistlejacket – National Gallery) and a frenzied, vibrantly coloured ‘Pied Piper-like’ spirit in the form of a tambourine playing woman, dressed in multicoloured clothes and a cloak.


The horse and woman appear trance like as though in a magic circus ring, their ‘dancing’ inferred but movement frozen. But for the reflections along the bottom edge of the scene, they dance in an empty space. 

Dream Dancer

SKU: GD0010
  • Gordon Coldwell

    One of a kind artwork

    Print on canvas... embellished with areas of thickly applied hand-painted acrylic

    Sold Unframed

    101 x 61 cms

    Signed and dated on the back

    Normally ships within 10 working days. Free Shipping

    EXCLUSIVE to The Apple Gallery

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