A small lady in blue

SKU: 4448
  • A small lady in blue

    Oil on canvas 40 x 30 Cms


    For me nudes are interesting to paint, I’ve had people say my Ladies are gross, grotesque, fat and ugly, I’ve also had people comment that they are profoundly beautiful.


    My ladies tell a story and it's a different story every time, but you'll never know what it is, you can guess and maybe you're right, but you’ll never know. 


    I want my ladies to have something of the night about them, be exquisite, strong, in control, of indeterminate origin and voluptuous. I want the tone beautifully considered, profoundly sympathetic, and deeply respectful and admiring of the female form portrayed in an atmosphere of wonder, intrigue in all its humble yet life-affirming glory.


    My ladies have always been with me, my earliest drawings were nudes, when I had my first gallery on Samui, I used to have lots of Thais walking by furtively peeping into my shop with lots of kids sneaking a look, all because of my nudes, Thais don’t normally do nudes.

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