2019 Acrylic Impressionist Painting "Deauville 1890" by G de P (Bill Payne)

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    12 " x 10"

    This is an  original acrylic painting of the beach and sea at Deauville in Normandy.In the last decades of the 19th century Impressionist artists like Monet flocked to this coastal area north of Paris  as it offered wonderful skies and light and was not far from ther French capital.The 1874 Paris Exhibition launched the new wave of painting.This little acrylic ,overvarnished ,is on hardboard and is a quick evocation of the area with its beach ,sailing boats and beachgoers the ladies with their sun parasols. Painted by G de P(Bill Payne) in 2019.Bill Payne is a gallery and museum artist born in 1951 and living in Worcestershire.The scene aims to capture the light,breezes and colours of a moment in time in 1890 on the French beach.

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