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Nimchi Yuen

About Nimchi Yuen

Hong Kong


'Art is the only thing I know how to do confidently. Being eccentric, shy, socially awkward. Through art I can express myself and communicate'.


I am an artist born in Hong Kong. I grew up in Ermelo, a beautiful small town surrounded by forests and farms in the middle of the Netherlands. 


I did an art degree in England and graduated with a BA (Hons) in Fine Art Painting from KIAD in Canterbury, which is now called University of the Creative Arts. After having lived for years in Hong Kong and France I am living and working in Canterbury in the UK again.


Previously I have had exhibitions with galleries such as Opera Gallery, (Hong Kong, Singapore, London and Paris), Art Scene China and LKF the Gallery (Hong Kong), Karin Weber Gallery (Hong Kong) and Agora Gallery (New York). And other exhibitions at the Fringe Club such as ‘illusionistic Reality’, ‘There is always a Blue Sky’, ‘Serious Rabbits and Confrontation’, and ‘Bad Art’.


People inspire me 

Flowers and insects inspire me

Eccentric animals inspire me


I love ambiguity. I love to make elements clash to form a harmony together. 

The heavy textured paint with the thin washes of watery paint. 

The heavy and bold brushstrokes with the flowing dance of thin lines.

The black lines that define and confuse the images.


I like people to see what it is that I am painting. But when they look at the painting from closer, it is abstracted. A play of colour texture, shapes and lines.


Art is a way to give shape to our desires and fears. Combined with some dreams, some sarcasm, some madness and some humour. This is what I would like to share with other people.

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