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Nikos Lamprinos



Looking at the art... Taking a look at Nikos Lamprinos' piece of art the artists best hopes are the beholder asking himself all sort of questions. Questions about life, relationships, purpose, higher self and meaning of life. Using his memory Nikos creates a piece of art that calls all kind of interpretations depending on the viewer's perception.

Technique Nikos' work is abstract and fundamentally geometrical. He uses masking tape which he cuts with a knife in short stripes and then applies them directly on the canvas creating shapes. Manually cutting the tapes one by one Nikos achieves each of them to being different from each other as well as imperfect. He then applies color - mostly oils and some acrylics. Once the pigments dries, the tapes are being removed and a new piece of art is born. The tape cutting process is Nikos Lamprinos brand recognition making each single piece of art unique and non replicable!

Nikos Lamprinos, born 1985 in Athens/Greece, started painting at 7 years young and at the same time taking lessons, keen learning the handwork from skratch. As a natural step he later graduated from the Fine Arts at Aristotle University in Thessaloniki, Greece. After his 7th birtday he never turned his back on his passion for a single moment. His dedication to art and love for the positive are highly impressive and one of the first things you will notive when you meet him. Today he - in cooperation - runs an Art Studio in the heart of Athens, a true oasis of inspiration and heart warming energie. There he both creates his own art as well as teaches art students and ordinary people. Whenever time allows

Nikos gets away for some trips given he adores travelling. It offers him unlimited possibilities for dialogues and exchange amongst artists, theoreticians and technical specialists around the globe. Nikos Lamprinos is keen in reaserching about the effect his paintings have. How are they accepted, welcomed, critisized and translated. Where does the cultural exchange lead him? Time will show. Meanwhile cities and places Nikos visits become his sources of inspiration and sceens for future pieces of art – stay tuned! 

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