Haim Mahat





At the age of 6 I was discovered as a wonderchild by Dr. Haim Gamzu, founder of the Tel Aviv Museum. Even the famous painter, Marc Chagall admired my work. At age 16 I studied at the Avni Institute scholarship awarded to me by Dr. Gamzu. After my military service, I studied at the college for art teachers. I tought art for several years.In the years 70-90 I presented exhibitions in Israel and United States. I participated in the surrealist artists group called "hexagonal". Recently presented exhibitions of paintings and sculptures in Rishon Letzion Cultural Center Dizengoff Center Auditorium Castra Haifa, and in private shows. My works were influenced by the surrealist painting. In 1999 there was a turnaround towards abstraction with surrealistic touches. The painting currently associative and polished. The sculpture are meticulous and polished cast in bronze and stone. The characters are figurative with modern influence, particularly Henry Moore and Rodin.

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