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When asked about my paintings, I often say that they represent the colours of my soul. I am inspired by nature, particularly landscapes which have been the main theme of my artworks since 2005. I enjoy painting the most, and between 2009 and 2015 I organised various cultural art exhibitions in three different countries.

In the past two years I have become interested in textiles. I am currently researching embroidery techniques to transfer my nature inspired artwork into textiles. However, my heart will always stay with painting and colour. I enjoy using bright colours so that my artwork will look more abstract (experimenting with shape, colour and texture instead of realistic). However, most of them are inspired from real pictures of landscapes.

I have recently been developing an interest in drawing human body. The manner I have been developing this project was based on a research done by a student from Warwick University (Artists and Academics Exhibition at Fargo Village - 26th of November 2017) based on whether digital memories will affect how people grieve. The nudes I have been drawing inspired of this research are also connected with my passion for nature. 

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